We’re often asked questions like this…

My garden, school field or venue isn’t suitable to use. Do you have a venue I can hire?

A unique feature of Make Ready is that we come to you at your location. We can assist you in finding suitable locations for your event .

For birthday parties in the Surrey area You can take advantage of our ‘Hawthorns Package’ and benefit from reduced party rates. This package includes hire of beautiful woodland for the laser tag party and use of a fabulous party room at the Hawthorns School .

How many can I invite to the party or event?

Different events have various maximum numbers please ask for details.

However we do have maximum number of 20 players on the playing area at one time  for Laser tag and Nerf.


I have hired a local school sports hall for my party. Can we have a  party indoors?

Indoor parties can be great fun as we have a range of military themed barricades to make the games just as realistic as outdoors. Remember that the playing area must be around the size of a tennis court (or bigger) for the games to be a success. Some activities are better conducted outside.

What should the participants wear?

It is important that all players wear suitable footwear for running either indoors or outdoors as appropriate. They should also wear comfortable clothing suitable for an active party.  Weather appropriate clothing is recommended to ensure everyone enjoys the event. We will discus the clothing needs dependent on you event.

Do the participants  need to wear safety equipment or eye protection?

Make Ready provide safety equipment were necessary .
For example with Nerf, all players will be issued safety glasses which must be worn.

Is there a Minimum and Maximum age for the events,

we have a minimum age of 7 for events and have no upper age limit.

 What happens if it rains?

  1. We can operate in all weather conditions but we can move or equipment indoors if you have the space. We will discus the options when we do the pre event visit.
  2. We advise that you and your team to prepare and dress appropriately for unfortunate weather; a coat, an extra jumper and proper footwear make all the difference if it does get a little drizzly…
  3. Alas we’re unable to control the weather yet, sometimes we get wet. But our events are such good fun that most people don’t notice the odd spot of rain!

How many adults do we need for school events.

As its important that staff take part to build the relationships with students we ask that you provide as many as you can. If you need more staff supplied we can provide additional instructors at a reasonable price.

What do we need to do before the event?

We will visit you before the event and discuss your needs. Normally all you have to do if the event is on site is to draw up the team lists and get the permission slips signed.

 For school events do we produce the team Lists?

As you know the students you are best placed to place the individuals where they will get the best out of the day. You may wish to split friendship groups to allow students to develop new relationships.

When do you take payment.

Payment is on the day either by cheque or BACs. A non refundable deposit of 10% of the total cost is required at booking.

Are there any hidden costs?

No there are no extra costs above what are agreed in advance.