About Us

‘Make Ready’ for energetic, inclusive, outdoor fun for all ages and abilities… building confidence, relationships and resilience. Whether we’re running a high-octane birthday party, working on an intervention programme with a school or youth group or putting a company team through their paces, our approach is the same.

At Make Ready we know that being outside (escaping those screens), focusing on play, problem-solving, and learning new skills in a fun and supportive environment, with people who care, can be a powerful experience. Our events encourage positive interactions with friends, peers and colleagues in outdoor environments that leave the stresses and constraints of the traditional classroom and workplace behind.


Rob Martin,  Make Ready’s Director, has taught in urban and inner city schools for almost twenty years, working with students with a range of challenging academic and behavioural needs. Joining a school as it went into ‘special measures’, twelve years ago, Rob was part of a talented team that rapidly turned the school around. It was during this process that the idea of Make Ready was born.

Pastoral care has always been Rob’s focus and strength. As Head of Year for the last ten years, Rob’s expertise in building communities in schools and leveraging teamwork amongst both students and teachers, ensured his last Y11 group, in 2017, was the most successful in the school’s history, ranking in the top 20% of schools nationally for progress in GCSEs.

Rob also has over 15 years experience as an officer in the Army Cadet Force where he was responsible for the progress of hundreds of young people.

Rob’s previous, part-time business was ‘Mobile Combat Events’, running parties and events at weekends and in holidays. Make Ready is the new name for this extended, full-time offer, building on the success, experience and fun of those hundreds of events. We know this approach works – outdoor learning, activities and play, when structured and planned with an understanding of people at heart, make a real difference.

Make Ready has a small team of core staff and advisors, with a range of expertise and experience. We build teams to deliver your event safely and smoothly according to your needs. We’re looking forward to working with you – Make Ready for action!