Make Ready Day Camp Covid-19 Precautions

Parents booking children onto Day Camps need to please read these guidelines carefully and then sign our Permissions and Consent form (supplied on booking) to confirm your agreement and cooperation.

Being outdoors is the safest place to have children playing and having fun, however, we still need to take precautions. To help minimise the possibility of Covid infection we will be working to the following guidelines and need full cooperation from all parents and carers sending children to our Day Camp.

Please be assured we will do our best to be sensitive and low-key in the way we communicate with your children about these precautions. Everything is in place to keep them safe, not make them anxious.

·       You must not send your children to the camp if they, or a member of their household or support bubble has the Covid-19 virus, suspects they may have it, is showing any possible symptoms or is still within any official isolation/quarantine phase as set out in official UK government guidance.

·       Children will have their temperature taken when they arrive at Camp. If a child has a high temperature, they will not be allowed to attend the Camp.

·       We ask parents to please maintain social distancing at drop-off and collection time.

·       We will encourage children to maintain social distancing according to guidelines in place at the time wherever possible. However, parents/carers do need to recognise we’re working with children who sometimes forget so we cannot guarantee this happens 100% of the time.

·       We will provide hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser and will be reminding children to wash and sanitise their hands frequently – please ensure they know this and understand it’s important to cooperate.

·       We will provide refill stations for water bottles – please ensure your child brings a clearly labelled bottle and understands they mustn’t share it with friends.

·       We will provide snacks as usual but this year they will all be pre-wrapped and/or pre-washed (eg bananas & wrapped bars). Please provide a packed lunch as usual and again, ensure children know not to share with friends.

·       Equipment will be carefully cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day.

We will continue to monitor government guidance and act accordingly, in the best interests of your children.

Refunds will be given in the unlikely event of restrictions being re-imposed, meaning we are unable to run the Day Camp.

However, if your child is unable to attend because of illness (or any other reason), we aren’t able to offer refunds, unless you have given us enough notice to pass on their place to another child.