Corporate and Universities


Positive relationships in the workplace are vital to any successful business. At Make Ready we believe that relationships developed outside your normal business environment through fun, outdoor team-building activities help break down the barriers between different levels within the organisation, bonding colleagues in shared experiences and improving the potential for successful and efficient collaborative working.

We can come to your preferred location for a whole day of team building or we can be embedded into an existing event as a stand-alone activity. We mainly work across Surrey, Sussex and Kent, though we can travel further for the right event.

Make Ready can offer a range of activities  such as laser tag, archery or nerf wars and team building and command tasks such as assembling and firing water-powered rockets, transporting water over a ravine, food rescue, minefield escape and walk the plank.

Our events are all bespoke, planned with you, so get in touch to discuss your company’s needs.


At Make Ready we know that the first few days at university are daunting but also  the most important , making friends and feeling included are vital to students quickly feeling at home and part of the larger student body.

Make Ready provide exciting opportunities for students to have fun playing laser tag, breaking down barriers and building shared memories. We can build an outdoor arena and if you have the room an indoor arena by joining rooms and corridors to provide an exciting and fun playing area. Students can come in teams of up to 20 or as individuals ready to make new friends. All the team at Make Ready have an educational background and know how to get the best out of  students. Laser tag is played with up to 20 students at a time and we play games designed to get players interacting in a fun and dynamic way.

At Make Ready we also provide a range of team building activities we can bring to your chosen location. We know the benefits of teams within the student union playing, learning and training together

Contact us for information of how Make Ready can help to make the transition from school to university easier and fun.

Our events are all bespoke, planned with you, so get in touch to discuss your company’s needs.