Schools, PRUs and SEN units

Make Ready’s Challenge Events develop and empower students, student leadership and teachers, whether in mainstream or specialist educational settings. We are committed to helping you give students every opportunity to improve their life chances. We offer:

Challenge Days – an activity-packed single day for groups of between 10 and 200 students, the perfect ice-breaker for new year groups; team-builder for those tricky mid-year slumps or reward for end-of-year celebrations.

Challenge Event in a box–  For the Autumn term – Looking to run a challenge day with lots of Students but have limited funds, why not try our unique Challenge Event in a box. We supply and set up all the equipment you need to run the event. We even included a highly skilled instructor with twenty years teaching experience to ensure things go well. Using your own bank of staff to run the activities you get the benefit of lower costs and the staff build relationships with the students. The event lasts three hours and suits groups of 30  to 100 students . The cost of a Challenge event in a box is £500.We offer a bespoke service to meet your every need, however some additional activities may include an additional charge.

Challenge Programmes – six days over six weeks working with small groups of up to 15, developing and reinforcing confidence, resilience and interpersonal skills for children and young people in need of extra support.

We tailor all events to meet the needs of your students and staff, so each Challenge Event is bespoke but what they all have in common is outdoor  active fun and learning, rain or shine.

We’re based in SE England and mainly work in Surrey, Sussex and Kent, though we can travel further if the logistics work.

Choose from activities including:

  •  Team-building and command tasks such as assembling and firing water powered rockets; transporting water over a ‘ravine’; ‘food rescue’; ‘minefield escape’ and ‘walk the plank’
  •  Archery – learning the ancient art of becoming an archer
  •  Shelter building – learning how to survive the elements using basic equipment
  •  Obstacle course – a physical activity where teamwork wins the day
  •  Laser tag – fast-paced team game with up to 20 players working together to dominate the opposition

Why hold a Challenge Event? 

Make Ready’s Challenge Events build team spirit and motivation and develop the positive relationships and sense of community that lie at the heart of every successful school or educational setting.

Benefits of single Challenge Days with class, leadership or year groups include:

  • Developing a sense of belonging for all in the group, especially those on the fringes
  • Developing communication and problem-solving skills of all participants
  • An opportunity for students to get to know each other in an informal setting outside usual friendship or timetabled groups
  • Developing the leadership skills and raising the profile of the student leadership body as they help run the day
  • An opportunity for staff to interact with students they may not normally teach
  • An inclusive and cost-effective way of involving all students in the group, whatever their additional needs, without having to travel.

Benefits of multi-day Challenge Programmes, when relationships and activities can develop over several weeks, include those above, plus:

  • An opportunity for sustained, in-depth focus on specific areas of need
  • Developing, embedding and then reinforcing skills such as listening, speaking, decision-making and problem-solving
  • Building confidence and resilience to reinforce positive behaviours.

Prices and logistics

Please call us for an initial chat – if you’re then interested in booking a Challenge Event we will visit your school for a 30 minute planning meeting, free of charge and with no obligation, to discuss what your aims are for the day and cover logistics such as:

  • Numbers and groupings of students (and teachers) taking part
  • Layout and accessibility of your site
  • Timings of the day or programme

Each Challenge Day and Programme is bespoke – we plan with you to ensure we meet your needs and make best use of the outside space you have available (no outdoor space? No problem, we offer a range of rural locations for hire). We provide all equipment, lead events and oversee activities. For large Challenge Day groups we maximise impact and keep your costs down by working with school or unit staff and student leaders as much as possible, training them on the day to take responsibility for running certain tasks and activities.

Challenge Days – one off events – are costed per head, starting from £14 per student.

Number of participants* Prices per head **
11-20 £25
21-30 £20
31-50 £18
51-70 £17
70-150 £15
151+ £14

*min charge for up to 10 participants, depending upon activities chosen, is £250.

**Due to the bespoke nature of Challenge Days extra charges may apply. For example, if extra staff or specialised equipment are needed. All prices will be fully quoted and fixed prior to booking.

Challenge Programmes – multi-day events – are charged per day and vary according to activities chosen and number of our staff required. Day rates begin at £350.

Pupil Referral, Alternative Provision & SEN Units

Make Ready’s bespoke programmes help build resilience  and self confidence in those young people who face difficulty within the mainstream school environment whilst also supporting staff in developing relationships with students.

If you’re based in a specialist educational setting contact us for a free of charge consultation in which we can discuss the needs of your young people.

Day rates for working with small groups of up to 10 students in Pupil Referral and SEN Units begin at £350.

What the experts say:

When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.”

Ofsted, Learning Outside the Classroom – How far should you go? 2008