Family Adventures

Outdoor active fun for all the family aged 6-70 years old.

At a Make Ready Family Adventure we strive to disconnect kids and parents  from their devices and allow them to run, play, learn and build memories in the great outdoors.  We also believe that that the best experiences are with families being active together in our beautiful outdoor woodland.  It’s time for parents to build shared memories with their children that will last a lifetime.  Recreate the halcyon days of your childhood with your children in our beautiful woodland.

After our incredibly successful Holiday Day Camps in our beautiful woods in South Godstone we are running Family Outdoor Events on Saturdays mornings.

Each day runs from 9am to 1pm and we’ll spend all day outside*, setting up camp together first thing and then packing the day with a range of activities including archery, laser tag, Nerf, shelter building, Manhunt, crafts and forest skills. Our range of team games and problem-solving activities, including building and navigating obstacle courses, map-reading and more will keep you and your youngsters on the go all day.



*We do have shelter to retreat to if the weather misbehaves too much but aim to be outside as much as possible, whatever the weather – we’ll adapt activities to make the most of the environment around us. 

When and where?

Our next Family Adventures are taking place on and at:

1st , 8th, 15th and 22nd Of September 2018 in a beautiful, private woodland setting at Harts Lane, South Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8LZ 

The not-so-obvious benefits

Make Ready Family Adventures focus on outdoor family fun and making the most of nature, with those we love. We’re an experienced team specialising in outdoor education so can’t help but set out the benefits of Family Adventure days like this bring…

Spending days outside, with woods and fields to explore, with parents is rare for many children these days. Together we give you that experience. Together we build the kids confidence, develop their communication skills, teach them new practical skills and introduce them to traditional games they may not have encountered yet. We take your kids back to the the halcyon day of their parents youth before the rise of the smart phone.

We build their familiarity with the natural world but most importantly, we give you the space to have fun and make lasting memories.

Booking & prices

We plan each of our our Family Adventures as a stand alone experience and would love to have you and your child join us each week.

To book a place, please fill out our simple online booking form. We’ll get back to you within one working day to confirm availability and give you payment details. Your place/s will be confirmed once we have received your payment.

Each individual day, 9am to 1pm, costs £25 per adult and £25 per child. and we also offer sibling discounts – for two or more siblings , each additional sibling is charged at £20.

We can offer a maximum of thirty places each day. Do book quickly as we expect places to go fast.

Each day is different at a Make Ready Family Adventure depending upon the setting, the weather, and the group dynamic. We want our Family Adventure Campers to feel that they can take things at their own pace and are careful to ensure they feel included, comfortable and safe at all times, yet don’t feel as if they’re being overly-directed or put through a bootcamp. We also take a flexible approach to differentiating between children, teens  and parents of different ages. All activities are mixed age-appropriate, others in smaller groups where age is often but not always a factor, it depends on the individual.

What to wear and bring:

Our Family Adventure days are all about being outside and active so everyone needs to wear comfortable, sensible (washable!) clothing suitable for running around and playing. Bear in mind you may well get muddy, end up with grass stains etc. Please wear trainers but bring wellies too, just in case. Sun hats, suncream and raincoats are essential.

We have no kitchen facilities at our Day Camps. We provide snacks and drinks for the duration of the Family Day but do please bring a water bottle.

What not to wear and bring

No precious designer outfits please and no long trailing skirts, dresses or anything else that might trip kids or parents up or get in the way.

No electronic devices please – we can’t take responsibility for these and there won’t be opportunity during the day to use them. If it’s absolutely essential that you or your child  brings a phone with them we can store it during the day. We will also, with your permission, take some photos each day and share those (privately and securely) with parents and carers.

Some of our not to be missed family activities include:

Den building, build that shelter to keep the family safe and dry. Show of your survival skills to the kids.

Nerf-ageddon,  The zombies are looking for new victims.  You have to make it through the zombie woodland to safety, fortunately the zombies are held in pens and are unable to get out and move around. If hit by the Nerf bullet you will be come unable to move due to the nerve toxins in on the Nerf bullets you must sit on the ground and await rescue from a friend.  You have to make it through the woodland find the Nerf guns and nerve toxin bullets and knockout the zombies to win the game.  

Team bear rescue, Equipped with the latest laser stun guns you have to find the bear in the woods and rescue him from the evil bear skin hunters. You are wearing protective equipment but if you are hit 10 times you will be stunned and your equipment will  no longer work, you have to return to base to revive to get your stun gun working again. This is a game of teamwork and communication. Only by working together can you hope to free the cuddly fluff

Any questions?

If you have any questions please contact us at:

Here’s the link to the booking form again.







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